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Packages from AED 20,000

Starter Package

  • Less than 2 sprints
  • Support available
  • Ideal for small businesses

Grow Package 

  • Between 2 to 4 sprints
  • Multiple support options
  • Perfect for scaling businesses

Ultimate Package

  • More than 4 sprints
  • Dedicated support team 
  • Suitable for larger projects

Asset Ordering System

We built this internal tech inventory ordering system for a medium sized institution. It facilitated the ordering of equipment from IT. This resulted in a faster and standardized way to order equipment. IT no longer had to support multiple or unknown brands which were being ordered individually prior to the system. This is an example of what can be built via our Grow Package.


1. What is a sprint?

A sprint is a development period in the AGILE Scrum software development framework. 10 working days of software development

2. What technology do you use?

Microsoft Power Apps and other tools from within the Microsoft Power Platform suite

3. Why should I choose you?

I won't sell you anything you don't need. Your success = my own. Looking to build long lasting relationships.